Eva Natura

Eva Natura

"closer to nature"

Cosmetics for women for comprehensive face, body and hair care

Eva Natura is a brand of cosmetics inspired by nature. It was created in order to fulfill women's needs for natural care of face, body and hair. The beginnng of the brand is the middle of 90's when EVA NATURA LEN and BURSZTYN were launched. The innovative composition of ingredients and attarctive design made them very popular among clients. The cosmetics are awarded on many contests and fair.

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ISO 9001 Certificate
In 1996 company received ISO 9001 certificate confirming complying with international quality standards.
EVA NATURA Lavender line received a prestigious award
Qltowy Concept Award of Cosmetics magazine for Lavender Relax. Jury of the competition appreciated cosmetics for their positive effect on both body and mind and for helping to regain a balance which is so much needed in daily life.
An offer is enriched with a line for face care Herbal Garden. Diversity of herbs makes this line find a space on stores' shelves very easily.
Qltowy Concept
F.K. Pollena- Ewa S.A receives an award in the category of Cult Concept "Qltowy Koncept" for Comprehensive Skin Care - Eva Simple body wash gel series series. An award was received by Mr. Cezary Bijak - CEO of F.K. Pollena- Ewa S.A.
Assortment offer is expanded by new, breakthrough cosmetics line EVA DERMO, created for people with dry and oversensitive to the external factors skin.
Mrs. Paulina Krupinska - Former Miss Polonia and currently highly valued TV presenter has become an Ambassador of Eva DERMO brand.

our offer

  • Eva Natura - face, body and hair cosmetics
  • Eva Natura for Teens - skin care cosmetics for teenagers
  • Eva Sun - sun cosmetics
  • Eva Medica - specialist skin care products
  • Adent - tooth paste
  • Loose - Eau de Toilette for young women and men
  • Eva - Eau de Toilette, perfumes and deodorants

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East